Teen-aged boys and girls won't be able to tear themselves away from these absorbing pages.

—Ruth F. Boorstin, poet, children's newspaper columnist, and book editor

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Finn: a novel does something few novels can do—straddle the adult and young adult genres— but does it wittily, intelligently, engrossingly, and electrically for both audiences, and without playing down or up to either of them.

—Stephen Dixon, two-time National Book Award finalist

Chloe and Silvia's hair-raising, yet often hilarious, adventures amongst urban America's "haves and have-nots" will keep every reader—adult and young adult—enthralled, intrigued, and, best of all, turning the pages.

—Pat Bates, Coordinator, Maryland Center for the Book

Finn: a novel will appeal to teen readers wherever jagged cities give way to seemingly smooth suburbs.

—Chloe LeGendre (13)