Similarities and differences
Ask your students to list how Finn: a novel is similar to Mark Twain’s The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn in plot, characterization, narrative structure, overarching themes, and setting. Then ask them to make a list of the key differences between the novels.
The "similarities" list might look something like this:
  • first person narration
  • colloquial
  • wilderness vs. civilization
  • slave Jim/illegal immigrant Silvia
  • murderous parent
  • foster home
  • faked suicide
  • life on the run
  • posing as the opposite sex
  • childhood vs. adulthood
  • the river
The "differences" list might look something like this:
  • girls vs. boys
  • hateful mother vs. hateful father
  • long river journey vs. urban journey
  • great distance traveled vs. no distance traveled
  • tormenting Jim vs. trying to save Silvia
  • America then and now